1.    Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) and Audits

  2.    ESA attestation under Law 72 (Québec)

  3.    Contaminated Soil and Groundwater Remediation

  4.    Environmental Feasibility Studies

  5.    Technical Translations

  6.    Seminars on selected subjects

  7.    Consultation

  8.    Landfill Site Design, Implementation and Management

  9.    Radon measurement in dwelings and public buildings

  10.    Mould measurement

  11. Ecocologic studies : Fauna and flora inventory, Inventaires faunistiques et floristiques, riparian strip/ natural high water mark delimitation, identification and characterization of wetland

Located in the  nation’s capital, LPT Enviro inc. has been providing clients in both Ontario and Quebec with quality expertise since 1995.

With a bilingual staff registered with the PEO (Professional Engineers Ontario), OIQ (Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec) or OGQ (Ordre des géologues de Québec), LPT Enviro inc. is able to provide services in both Ontario and Quebec.

With LPT staff accumulating over 32 years of experience in environmental consulting, we are able to help determine the best way to address your environmental concerns and help you meet the appropriate provincial/federal guidelines.

LPT Enviro is a privately owned engineering consulting firm located in Canada's National Capital Region and is operated under the name of “LPT Enviro incorporated”.

Started in 1995, it has formed strategic alliances with firms across Ontario and Quebec in order to better serve its clients. LPT Enviro presently has four full-time staff members.

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